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The home site of Michael Metcalf, the immigrant, the author's eighth-great-grandfather. Michael's property in Dedham was the long block just south of Puritan Lane and east of East Street and Michael Road, as shown in this aerial photograph.

Courtesy of the United States Geological Survey Terraserver.

Michael brought this French coffer with him to Dedham when he emigrated from Norfolk, England, to Dedham, Massachusetts, in 1637. The coffer may have belonged to his father. It's made of spruce or fir, and lined in red leather. The outside is covered in a decorated leather and bound with iron straps. Michael probably used the coffer for his books since he was the schoolmaster of Dedham. Such coffers date back to at least the late medieval period.

Courtesy of the Dedham Historical Society. The coffer is displayed in the Society Museum from which this description is taken.

This is Michael's "Great Chair."

Courtesy of the Dedham Historical Society. The chair is displayed in the Society Museum.

The Old Fairbanks House, Dedham, Massachusetts, in 1899. This was the childhood home of Mary Fairbanks, the author's seventh-great-grandmother, the wife of Michael Metcalf, son of Michael the immigrant. This was Mary's home from its construction in 1636 until her marriage in 1644. The house is open to the public today.

Courtesy of the U.S. Library of Congress' Prints and Photographs Division.

This is information I have gathered to date

1. 1Rev. Leonard Metcalf. Born in 1540/1 in Apperside, Wensleydale, Yorkshire, England. Died when 75 years old. Buried on 22 Sep. 1616 in Tatterford Parish, Norfolk, England. Married Amy _____ say in 1579 in Tatterford Parish when 38 years old (Amy was 20 or 21 years old). Amy _____ b. say in 1558, probably in Tatterford Parish; d. when 43 or 44 years old; bur. on 22 Dec. 1602 in Tatterford Parish.

2.Michael Metcalf, son of 1Rev. Leonard Metcalf [1] and Amy _____. Born in 1590 in Tatterford Parish, Norfolk, England. Died on 24 Dec. 1664 in Dedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, 73 or 74 years old. Buried on 27 Dec. 1664 in Dedham. Married first Sarah Elwyn, dau. of Thomas Elwyn (son of William Elwyn and Alice _____) and Elizabeth Benslye, on 13 Oct. 1616 in St. Bartholomew, Heigham, Norfolk, England when 25 or 26 years old (Sarah was 23 years old). Sarah Elwyn b. on 17 June 1593 in Heigham; bap. on 17 June 1593 in Heigham when newborn; d. on 30 Nov. 1644 in Dedham, 51 years old; bur. in Dec. 1644 in Dedham.

3.Michael Metcalf, son of 2Michael Metcalf [3] and Sarah Elwyn. Born on 29 Aug. 1620 in Norwich, Norfolk, England. Baptized in St. Benedict Parish, Norwich. Died on 25 March 1654 in Dedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, 33 years old. Married Mary Fairbanks, dau. of Jonathan Fairbanks (son of George Fairbank and Mary Farrer) and Grace Smith, on 2 April 1644 in Church of Christ, Dedham when 23 years old (Mary was 22 years old). Mary Fairbanks b. on 3 Feb. 1621/2 in Halifax Parish, Yorkshire, England; bap. on 18 April 1622 in Halifax Parish when two months old; d. on 12 Feb. 1672/3 in Dedham, 51 years old; m. (2) Christopher Smith (–7 Nov. 1676 in Dedham) on 2 Aug. 1654 in Church of Christ when 32 years old; issue (surname Smith): John (19 Nov. 1655 in Dedham–7 Oct. 1722 in Needham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts).

4.Dea. Eleazer Metcalf, son of 3Michael Metcalf [7] and Mary Fairbanks. Born on 2 March 1652/3 in Dedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Baptized on 6 March 1652/3 in Dedham when four days old. Died on 13 Sep. 1704 in Wrentham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, 51 years old. Buried in Wrentham Center Cemetery, Wrentham. Married Meletiah Fisher, dau. of Samuel Fisher (son of Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth _____) and Melatiah Snow (dau. of Thomas Snow and Melatiah Kelway), on 9 April 1684 in Wrentham when 31 years old (Meletiah was 16 years old). Meletiah Fisher b. on 1 May 1667 in Dedham; bap. on 5 May 1667 in Dedham when four days old; d. on 23 Sep. 1719 in Wrentham, 52 years old.

5.Ebenezer Metcalf, son of 4Dea. Eleazer Metcalf [24] and Meletiah Fisher. Born on 8 Jan. 1690/1 in Wrentham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Died on 9 June 1751 in Rutland, Worcester County, Massachusetts, 60 years old. Married Margaret Rockwood, dau. of Nathaniel Rockwood (son of Nicholas Rockwood and Margaret Holbrook) and Joanna Ellis (dau. of Thomas Ellis and Mary Wight), on 11 July 1732 in Wrentham when 41 years old (Margaret was 32 years old). Margaret Rockwood b. on 4 Sep. 1699 in Wrentham; d. in 1787, 87 or 88 years old.

6. son Sgt. Samuel Metcalf b. on 26 April 1739 in Rutland; d. on 13 June 1785 in Oakham, Worcester County, Massachusetts, 46 years old; m. Hannah Richardson (10 April 1743 in Leicester, Worcester County, Massachusetts–17 Aug. 1812 in Corinth, Orange County, Vermont), dau. of Thomas Richardson (son of Thomas Richardson and Elizabeth Green) and Jane Downing (dau. of Capt. Nathaniel Downing and Margaret Pynchon), on 11 March 1762 in Rutland when 22 years old (Hannah was 18 years old)

issue (surname Metcalf): 7Ebenezer (25 Jan. 1763 in Oakham–in Corinth), Thomas (9 Aug. 1764 in Oakham–16 March 1827 in Chardon, Geauga County, Ohio), David (15 Sep. 1766 in Oakham–7 Nov. 1847 in Corinth), Esther (14 Sep. 1768 in Oakham–), Samuel (18 Oct. 1770 in Oakham–30 Sep. 1855 in Crawford Township, Wyandot County, Ohio), John (30 Dec. 1772 in Oakham–Dec. 1849 in North Charlestown, Sullivan County, New Hampshire), Joseph (24 Aug. 1774 in Oakham–27 Jan. 1869 bur. in Old North Burying Ground, Putney, Windham County, Vermont), Jane (30 July 1776 in Oakham–March 1860 in Bristol, Bristol County, Rhode Island), Elizabeth (14 March 1779 in Oakham–25 Dec. 1850 in Charlestown, Sullivan County, New Hampshire), Alpha (27 Oct. 1780 in Oakham–10 May 1867 in Corinth), Hannah (15 June 1782 in Oakham–) and Abigail (30 May 1784 in Oakham)

****Birth record of the METCALF family born in Oakham, MA to the end of 1849 Abigail, d. Samuel and Hannah, May 30, 1784. Alpha, d. Samuel and Hannah, Oct. 27, 1780. David, s. Samuel and Hannah, Sept. 15, 1766. Elizabeth, d. Samuel and Hannah, March 14, 1779. Ester, d. Samuel and Hannah, Sept. 14, 1768. Hannah, d. Samuel and Hannah, June 15, 1782. Jane, d. Samuel and Hannah, July 30, 1776. John, s. Samuel and Hannah, Dec. 30, 1772. Joseph, s. Samuel and Hannah. Aug. 24, 1774. Polly, d. David and Cendice (Candice ?), July 17, 1798. Samuel, s. Samuel and Hannah, Oct. 18, 1770. Thomas, s. Samuel and----------, Aug. 9, 17---.****

7.David (15 Sep. 1766 in Oakham–d.7 Nov. 1847 in Corinth), Stratton, Candace

8.Horace Sr. June 18, 1817, Corinth, Orange VT d. 1903 married Eliza Oughtred b. 1823, d. 1889,

9. Horace Jr. Born in Canada? Mar 22, 1869 D. Feb. 18, 1947Lisbon, Grafton, NH, USA married Lucy M. Cole

10. Alice Metcalf, Mason,Henderson, Gilbert

11. Marilyn Mason Moore

12. Patricia Moore Meneo

· ID: I21460 · Name: Horace METCALF · Surname: Metcalf · Given Name: Horace · Sex: M · Birth: 18 Jun 1817 in Cornith,Orange,Vermont · Death: AFT 1903 · _UID: 4BDFF0E3BCC0B34D84957A404734C96FFF33 · Note: "Some Descendants of Rev. Leonard Metcalf" by Howard Hurtig Metcalfe, Heritage Books, 2002 · Change Date: 13 Sep 2003 at 00:00:00

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