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Our Familys Christening Gown

On March 9, 1955 Patricia Haesche gave birth to her first and only son. She and her husband Joseph had tried for many years to have a child and his birth brought them great joy. Patricia or Aunt Pat as we called her asked her sister Marilyn and brother in law Walter Moore to be their sons godparents. Marilyn then commissioned Corazon Ocoma to make what was to become our families heirloom and beloved Christening Gown. Corazon was born in the Philippines and was an accomplished seamstress. She made the pattern out of newspaper and she and Marilyn chose the material with great care. There is no other gown like it anywhere. It had a lovely undershirt and a sweet little hat. Joseph Karl Haesche was Christened at St. Adeans parish in April of 1955. After the baptism Pat loving washed the gown and put it away for safe keeping. A year later Marilyn and Walter were asked to be god parents to their nephew James Staniwitz and Pat lent them the gown for the Christening. Then in 1960 Marilyn and Walter found that they were expecting their 6th child. Lynn Alice was born on June 12 and Marilyn asked her sister Pat if she could borrow the gown again for Lynn's christening. Lynn was also baptized at St. Aedans Parish and her sister Patricia Ann Moore and brother Michael Moore were her God parents. How beautiful she looked in that pretty gown. This Christening opened the door to a family tradition that has been carried on for over 55 years in our family. I hope to be able to add all the names and some pictures of the gown and child taken on each Christening day. Janice Canalori has become the keeper of the gown. She lovingly cares for it and has made a new under slip for it in 2000 because the other one became to frail to use. In 2002 the gown received a special blessing at Our Lady of Victory Basilica. During the blessing of the gown the children who had worn it over the years also received a special blessing as did the children who would wear it in the future. We invite our family members and close friends to share in this blessing by loaning out the gown for your child's Christening. Please contact Janice so that she will have it ready for you to use. We ask that you return the gown with a picture of your child wearing it along with the childs baptism information so they may be shown here on the gowns web page too.

The first wearer of the gown Joseph Karl Haesche son of Joseph and Patricia Haesche, godparents Walter and Marilyn Moore

The gowns last wearer was Lila Cervero,daughter of Justin and Catherine Cervero baptised on May 15, 2011 at Our Lady of Fatima Church in Wallingford,CT. Godparents are Christine Moore and Maxim Moore

Lauren Catherine Canalori and parents Richard and Janice Moore Canalori,baptized in March 1975 at St. Aedan's Church, God parents were Patricia Moore Meneo and Pasquale Meneo

James Michael Staniwitz son of Benjamin and Mary Moore Staniwitz, baptized on May 19, 1957,godparents Walter and Marilyn Moore

Kira Lawrence-Riddel daughter off Michael and Lauren Canalori Lawrence-Riddel

Mackenzie Ann Hannon, daughter of Denise Meneo Hannon and Mark A. Hannon, godparents, Paul and Theresa ----

Emily Marie Hannon, daughter of Denise Meneo Hannon and Mark A. Hannon, godparents Douglas and Jennifer Topp

Christine Moore, daughter of Michael and Gladys Moore, god parents, Richard J. Moore and Patricia Haesche

John Michael Meneo, son of Pat and Patricia Meneo, god parents, Alan Chagnon and Janice Canalori

Denise Marie Meneo, daughter of Pasquale and Patricia Meneo, babtized on December 5, 1972 at St Aedan's Church, Godparents Dominic and Mary Nuzzo

The First Baptisim....John baptises our Lord Jesus Christ

There are many more to come as we find the pictures. This gown shows not only it's beauty but the part it played in the life of our family. Above we see 3 generations of our family and 2 generations of babies wearing the gown because their parents chose to profess their faith in our Lord. So much Love to be found on these pages and how happy I am to be a part of this family.

Other babies Christened in the gown that we know of are Leigh Nichole Canalori, Catherine Moore and Maxim Moore. We just haven't found the pictures yet.

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Patty Meneo,, and Janice Canalori