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This is a little poem I wrote about Leaves
Life of the Leaves
In spring time as they unfurl all soft and yellow green new small leaves emerge, a wonder to be seen.
As the days lengthen the leaves change in size and hue they becomes the green of summer all fresh and bright and new.
In fall the days grow shorter and the leaves they seem to know that they must put on a pageant of colors before they go.
Autumn colors robust are such a lovely sight red, orange and russet yellow they fill us with delight, and just before the snow falls the leaves must go away as one by one they give up, they fall down to the ground all crisp and papery dry, they've become a muddy brown.
We rake them up, cart them away, look up to the empty tree and there behold little buds growing new leaves yet to be.
written by Elfina 9/28/99
May the angels look over you always

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