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Tileigh's Autumn Wish

It had been the driest summer on record. All the creatures of the Fairies Enchanted Forest were looking very dusty and droopy. Never before had they experienced weather such as they had this year. Their forest was usually lush and green with gentle rains when needed and bright sunshine with cooling breezes to keep them comfortable. Now on most days there was barely enough water to wash your hands with let alone take a shower. The youngest fairy of the forest Tileigh set off early the morning of the Autumnal Equinox to gather dew drops for the morning meal, but try as she might there was just not enough dew to make the morning tea. The lovely enchanted snow pond was all but dried up because of the scorching sun that beat down relentlessly all that long summer. There was barely enough water left to cover the tiny fish and frogs that lived there and Tileigh didn't want to take from them. She knew that she must find another source of water for her family. She walked a long long time and before she knew it she was in a part of the forest that she had never seen before. It was much cooler here and the air had a crispness to it that her part of the forest lacked. The leaves on the trees were of a rich red, orange and yellow. Just at the edge of this forest was a large pumpkin patch with bright orange pumpkins growing and a corn field beside it with dried corn stalks rustling in the breeze. On the other side of the pumpkin patch was a lovely little creek with swiftly running water. Oh how she longed for some of that lovely water. Tileigh had never left the safety of the forest before in her life and although different then her green forest this was still a forest with places to hide in at a moments notice if need be. She didn't think she had the courage to leave the forest to cross the open field of the pumpkin patch to get to the water that her family needed so badly. As she edged her way to the edge of the woods she heard a wondrous sound overhead and looking up saw a deep V of geese flying in formation in the bright blue sky. She had often heard this sound in the distance but never so close and now to see that the sound came from these beautiful creatures was almost to much for Tileigh to bear. Before she could blink her eyes these lovely creatures landed right between the pumpkin patch and the corn field and started feeding. Oh how will I ever get by them to get to the water she wondered. Just then one of them spotted her and waddled over to her. " Hello young fairy my name is Gerard Goose. I have often flown over your part of the forest and wondered if I would ever get a change to see one of you. What is your name and what are you doing so far from the Enchanted Forest?" he asked. Tileigh told him her name and about the lack of water in the forest........"Well, I think I have a remedy for that, said Gerard, you see I over heard the North wind talking to the moon one day and he was telling the Moon that the Enchantment in the world was receding and that soon even the Enchanted Places would suffer the effects of Mother Nature. I see that has been your problem and you too have suffered through a hot dry summer just as most of the outside world has. This place where you are now stands on the edge of your Enchanted forest and is under Mother Natures protection, for this place is the place of a perfect Autumn day. There are 3 other places such as this surrounding your forest, one for each season and they are circled by this little stream. Until now your forest has always been separate from Mother Natures rule and was ruled by the old, old order but the world is ever changing and your people must change too if you wish to survive. You have seen what the cold of winter can do and how the sun can parch and dry everything in its path. You must now use your Autumnal Equinox Wish to let Mother Nature and her seasons enter your forest so that the rains will come and the Enchanted pond will fill up again with fresh sweet water." What shall I do thought Tileigh, if I make this wish then we shall no longer be under the old order of things and we will be subject to all the wrath of each season, the muddy rains of Spring, the scorching heat of Summer, the bitter cold snows of Winter and the hurricanes of Autumn. If I do not make this wish then our Forest will start to die and the old way will die with it anyway. Thank you for this information Gerard I will think this over and make a decision before the Equinox reaches it's balance point. But right now I need to be by myself to think. With that Gerard went back to the corn field to eat. Tileigh looked around her and saw how truly beautiful this day was. She saw the blue of the sky so richly blue that she felt as if it were painted on. She saw the sun shining down through the burnished leaves and the light it cast was almost spiritual. She saw the sun shining on the dancing water and it looked as if a thousand stars were dancing in the stream. She saw the peaceful tranquility of the feeding geese and remembered the wondrous sound they made in flight. She felt the crispness in the air and saw large red apples growing in an orchard in the distance. She could feel that in a little while there would be a gentle rain that would leave the air even fresher then before. Why this place has a magic all it's own thought Tileigh. If this is Mothers Natures place of a perfect Autumn day I wonder what the other 3 seasons places look like. They must be just as spectacular as this one, each in their own special way. I have an idea thought Tileigh I will make my wish to join with Mother Nature but I will put a little twist to the wish........and with that she strode boldly across the pumpkin patch to the little creek that ran by it on the other side. She walked to the middle of the stream and just as the sun reached it's half way point in the day she raised her arms to the sky and made this wish. "I wish that the Fairies Enchanted forest would be served by Mother Nature but only as it is on this side of the stream and that each day in the Enchanted forest will be in accordance to the seasons but only as they are in the four special places which would make every day the perfect day of each changing season." Just as she finished her wish she heard a joyous symphony of birds singing, the geese took to the sky and circled overhead and she knew in her heart that her wish had been granted. She hurried across the pumpkin patch into the woods and on home to her once again Enchanted Forest which now was just as pretty and protected as the one she had left behind.

Written by Patty Meneo this 23rd day of September 1999 on the Autumn Equinox and finished at 12:01pm

Tileigh's Springtime Wish
Never before had there been a winter like this. The cold refused to give way to the warmth of spring. All the fairies were getting tired of staying under cover, they longed for the days when they could dance and play among the flowers and green leaves of spring. Tileigh was especially waiting for the spring because this year she would be old enough to lead the dancers in the first dance of spring which was held at the very second that the sun reached the Vernal Equinox. This too was the time when her adult fairy wings would be bestowed upon her. All her life she had waited for this moment and because of the snow it might not happen as planned. What has happened to the weather she wondered. Prior to this winter she had never seen snow before. It snowed in her valley for the very first time on the eve of the Winter Solstice because she had wished for it. A few days after that it started snowing again daily until it got so they couldn't leave the shelter of the thicket where they made their home. Perhaps my wish for snow was to strong, thought Tileigh, maybe I should make another wish for Spring. Tileigh knew that in order for such a wish to come true it had to come straight from the heart, it had to be made at just the right time and place and with a little help. Here is was March 16th, only a few days away from the Equinox ,she must hurry in order for the snow to melt and the flowers to bloom in time for the ceremony. I know what I'll do thought Tileigh, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, I will go and visit Walter the Leprechaun who lives by my pond and ask him to wish with me, because everyone knows that a Leprechauns wish cannot be denied on St. Patty's Day. Tileigh found Walter and begged him to help her end the snow. Why should I waste my yearly wish on you Tileigh he said. Tileigh reminded him that the little pond that he got his water from was there because of her and by rights was owned by her. If he would like to continue living so near the pond and using her water then he should help her. Walter thought about it for a few seconds and realized she was right. Of all the places in the forest this was the prettiest and the water was of the best quality. I shall help you he replied, besides I am getting tired of the winter too. Come back tomorrow and we shall make the wish for Spring together. And so at noon on St. Patrick's Day they met at the little pond, held hands and wished for Spring......within minutes the snow began to melt, the crocuses started to push up from the ground and the leaves started to sprout. Wonder of wonders it was getting warmer and the breeze felt lovely against their skin. My wish has come true laughed Tileigh, now I can greet the equinox in sunshine and delight in the first day of Spring. I will get my wonderful adult wings, I shall lead the dancing and all will be well with the world...... And it was. This story was written by me Patty Meneo on the 16th of March 1999

A Winter Solstice Fairy Tale
Once upon a time in a land full of warmth and sunshine there lived a sweet little fairy who longed to see snow. Every December on the eve of the Winter Solstice she would light a candle and make a silent wish for snow, but it never snowed. This year she decided that her wish would no longer be silent and she would add a bit of Fairy Dust********that her friend Elfina had given her as a gift. The sun shone brightly on Solstice Eve day and our little fairy knew that it would take a miracle for it to snow. Armed with a candle and Fairy Dust ******** and just as the moon and stars were coming out she slipped out of her house. She ran to a clearing in the forest and lite the candle, threw the fairy dust********into the air and in her loudest voice pleaded with the North Star to send her snow......and miracle of miracles it did. Snowflakes of every size and color drifted down from the sky and landed at her feet in a little pile. She was so happy, she danced and played in the snow making snowballs and snow angels. When the bells rang to announce the Solstice she hurried to join her family and tell of her miracle. After a wonderful feast her family returned with her to see her snow. When they got to the clearing a sight of wonder and delight greeted them, for there where the snow had fallen was now the most beautiful little pond with shimmering water in all the colors of the rainbow.....You see even enchanted snow melts. Our little fairy was sad to see the snow melted but she loved the little pond that remained in it place. It would always be there to remind her of her Solstice Wish and the night she played in the enchanted snow. Written by me Patty Meneo this 20th day of December 1998

*******This sweet little story was written by my new Retreat Friend Sarah and posted here this 17th day of May 2000. Thank you Sarah for letting me add it to my little fairy story page.******
"The Secret Life Of Bubbles"
"This satisfies my urgent need for solitude" I thought to myself as I sat on a tree stump deep in the forest. The scents of pine and honeysuckle hung delightfully heavy in the air. Treetops bowed to some invisible entity as the wind whistled past sounding notes I faintly recognized. I watched and listened, mesmerized. So deep was the connection I felt to earth and heaven, both seemed to merge in irridescent hues; swirling spiraling designs that melded with the remnants of long-forgotten dreams. As the motion ceased, a bridge stood before me with a sign pointing that read " TO THE FUTURE ". Millions of bubbles rising from a stream below floated around the bridge, dancing on the breeze. Extending my arm with open hand, a delicately formed sphere came to rest on my palm. It seemed to breathe, then to vibrate...then, bursting open, a tiny fairy appeared. "Who are you?" I questioned her, surprised. "I am" she replied, "Does it matter who? Isn't the fact that I am enough for you?" "Well, um..." I stammered, at a loss for words. "Follow me" she said with dainty wings drumming the air. And so I followed that captivating creature, so bold and yet so small; that tiny fantasy, or was she (real or the makings of a broken mind or an overactive imagination?) across the bridge to the other side. What lie beyond the bridge, much to my dismay, was a vast, vast space filled with unidentifiable shapeshifting forms in spectra grey. Nothing at all like the glorious colors and designs I had seen just 1/4 mile behind. "So this is it?" I thought, "Interesting, no doubt...but so drab, so vague, and certainly not what I had envisioned." And that tiny little being who somehow knew, said as she handed me a rainbow colors palette and paintbrush with crystal handle, "Paint the day. I have uncovered the Way; the rest is up to you!" She then quickly withdrew into a circle of vibrant light, scattering 'ELFINA'S FAIRY DUST' (slightly new twist) before it's radius diminished and disappeared from sight. I was again aware of the tree stump, the honeysuckle, and the pine. "How long have I been sitting here?" I thought aloud, "It must be way past early afternoon." Feeling something in my pocket, I reached inside, pulling out a paintbrush with a finely faceted crystal handle. I held it up in front of me, enchanted, as the setting sun's rays became refracted beams splayed into exquisite patterns at my feet. The light then consolidated forming an arrow directing my gaze toward the sky, where I caught a glimpse of a bubble, a delicately formed sphere floating up...up...and watched with my entire being until it faded from view. (((Love to you all))) Sarah
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Years ago in Ireland when Grandma made a stew, she added potatoes to some meat, it served more then a few.

That clan was born on the emerald Isle, little more is know that that, except that one day on that island dreary, Thomas Moore met Hannah Cleary.

When that Green and luscious country had run all out of spuds, Thomas and his Hannah packed up all their duds.

They set sail for America, the land of all those free, a voyage that's the root of our Irish family tree.

The missing puzzle pieces at this time are still unclear, though it's know that Tom and Hannah bore one son that's very dear.

Alone Hannah raised her one son James, this is part of history, the whereabouts of Thomas to this day is still a mystery.

Some say he went back to fight the Irish War, but we'll never really know what happened to the long lost Thomas Moore.

Well James went on to college and became a pharmacist, in the city of New Haven drawn to the harbor mist.

He met a lass named Catherine, she was a Sanderson, though he an Irish Catholic, her Scottish heart he won.

Together they were happy and raised a clan of eight, their numbers kept on multiplying this we know to date.

As this Irish/Scottish family settled down by the sea, clothes were handed down to the next on Grandpa's Knee.

Catherine raised the children and James worked long and hard, as the kids went off each day to the St. Peter's church school yard.

James, Thomas, Raymond, Catherine, Mike and Mary too followed by Walter and Robert down by the harbor blue.

They all grew up and played by the City Point docks, with seagulls overhead above the jetty rocks.

Well, one day this fine family had a day so dark and sad, a heart attack had stolen their husband and their dad.

But the thick and hearty family held together true, and soon the melting pot added to the stew, As several of the brother, trudged off to war, all Americans joined forces to even up the score.

This opened up the cover to the family's simmering stew, and one by one they married to another you know who.

They added French and Swedish and Polish to the pot, a dab or two of English and what ever else you got! Bob and Dorothy, Mary, Ruth and Ben, Martha, June and Marilyn.

"Go forth and be fruitful" and so they did, as one by one they proclaimed "We're having another kid."

From the first baby Robin to the last little Joe, twenty eight Moore babies, will the pot overflow?

Each family went their separate ways, but gathered every year, to the memorial Day picnic which drew the family near.

We'd watch the parade and eat at Mary's house, til the next generation brought home another spouse.

We moved the celebration to sheltered Painter Park, played volleyball and horseshoes from dawn until dark.

A little touch of Italy, then two and three and four, pasta galore it's Irish stew no more!

Mozzarella, Ricotta cheese, pass the Parmesan if you please.

A little wine, oregano too, tomato paste adds to the taste.

There's probably other nationalities who, add a little pinch or two.

As we stir and we blend our stew simmers nice, when suddenly we add a touch of Oriental spice.

Today we sit together at Jane's cottage by the sea, lights a twinkling round and round the Merry Christmas tree.

Our table is now blended with ethnic foods of choice, this clan is still together for this we all rejoice.

So now you see the mixture that developed in one pot, not to rich, a little thick, spicy not to hot.

Once blended together cannot be split apart, because the stock is Irish based - right from the heart.

And if you let it sit and simmer just a while, the next wee generation will add a pinch o'smile.....

This poem was written by my first cousin Ann Frances Cleary Sanderson Moore White(LeBlanc)Lombardi in 1992 for a family gathering at our cousin Jane's house. It is a poem of survival, a poem of joy and a poem most Americans can identify with....for we are the great melting pot of the world. I place this here today in honor of Ireland the mother land of my heritage and my family, who though blended are still all Irish at heart. Patricia Ann Cleary Sanderson(Mason)(Metcalf)Moore Meneo

Denise's Wedding Party

She was a beautiful bride