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For Nine Months we have waited for a special event.... DeeDee our online friend announced that she was having child number 7. She already had 6 sons and we waited patiently to see what this little one would be. Some people were just made to be Mommies and DeeDee is sure a good one.

Mermaid made the announcement to us in the retreat in this way. At last! {{Phil}}} dee's son has just called with the news {grin} ~lumpkin~ finally arrived at 8.30pm this evening 17 October (GMT+1) at Norwich, Norfolk, UK weighing in at 6lbs 8oz {smile} Name not decided on yet though right now they have Joel or Kai {smile} Sending out {{{{{{welcoming thoughts}}}}}}}}}} to the little one and also {{{{{{{{resting/healing energies}}} to dear {{{Dee}}} and {{{warm congratulations}}} to you all on the new arrival {smiling}

Baby Hyde's name has been announced....May I introduce to you

Master Casey Jay Hyde

May angels watch you as you sleep. May you always have good food to eat. May you be lucky at work and play and learn your lessons right away. May you grow strong and healthy too All these things I wish for you. Fairy Dust Wishes For Little Casey With Love From Elfina**********

Our dear friend Sarah left this message in the Retreat on March 21,2001 for deedee and Casey it is a beautiful poem for a special little boy.

Comments {{{Dee Dee}}}, you asked about a song or poem you could sing to a “bouncing baby bouncer”…{grin}…don’t know if this qualifies, but you’re asking brought forth these words. Couldn’t get into Life Paths, where I seem to recall some of {{{Casey’s}}} totems being published shortly after he was born….dunno if Golden Eagle is one of them, but he persisted in being included in this poem, so guess there’s a reason, will let him be…here goes…hope you enjoy For {{{Casey}}}, {{{Dee Dee, and the Hyde Family}}}}

On the wings of Golden Eagle you soar

High above the Mountaintop, looking down

‘til you found a place to rest, dear one,

With me, your Mum, with us;

How very fortunate we are

To have you nestled in our arms!

We Love you, nurture you, laugh with you

And watch you grow through good times

And painful passages. We are Here.

We are growing too. And as we witness

Your courage, strength, and soul’s perseverance

Our fears are assuaged.

One day again you will test your wings,

And as we watch you proudly ascend,

Carried upward on the wind

We Smile….You Smile too

In Loving exchange.

We love you little Casey